Email Designs -

These are some examples of e-mails designs and templates I created for
1. Mexico City
2. New City Launch
3. Events (Facebook Promotion)
4. R$10 Voucher
I was asked to design an Email Template for all in-house corporate emails that were sent.  Each department - Helpdesk(HD), Information Technology (IT), Human Resources(RRHH) and Sales (Go´s) - had a different illustration on the header to distinguish one from another. I also created a Best Practice Guide so each department could modify the content without changing the template.
1. Go's Sale
2. IT
3. HD
4. RRHH co-branded with and these are a couple of email designs I created. These emais were sent to prospective clients by Privalia's marketing team. I had use Privalia's template (including background and fonts), but represent Groupalia throughout.
1. 5€ Voucher
2. Car Wash
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