My name is Flavia Burza and I'm a passionate communicator, focusing on visual design and digital production. My work experience includes having clients from digital educational publishing as well as from e-commerce and online fashion. I have continuously collaborated with different types of brands and services, ranging from individual clients, small companies, to production studios and large corporate business'.
As a designer and as a digital project manager, I believe when a piece of work combines appealing aesthetics with proven functionality, significant success and value can be achieved through effective visual communication. My goal is to satisfy not only the client, but also the end-user. My work always consists of following and maintaining brand values but thrives towards creativity and quality.
I am fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian and have lived and worked in many cities worldwide, such as Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Milan. I am now based in Barcelona and interested in new projects and in challenging opportunities, so feel free to get in touch.

・Art Direction / Visual Design / Branding
・Digital Production / Project Management
・Understanding of UX / Frontend
・Web Development / E-commerce
・Online Advertising / Social Media
・Motion Graphics / Video

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