Graphic | Visual Designer | Producer
I am an avid communicator, specialized in graphic and visual design, with work experience in digital production. I believe a project is effective and significative when it combines pleasing aesthetics with functionality, and with that, success and value can be achieved through design.

I have a multi disciplinary profile, which ranges from art direction, branding, to project management skills. In print, my strengths are creating catalogs, brochures, posters, flyers and other marketing collateral. In digital, my expertise is in designing and managing websites, platforms, social media, videos, and creative campaigns.

My past work experience includes positions in digital education, e-commerce, online fashion, studios, creative agencies, and freelancing. I have collaborated with different types of brands, services and clients, and participated in projects as an integral and often leading part of the creative process. My goal is to satisfy not only the client, but also the end-user. My work consists of following and maintaining brand values but thrives towards creativity. I am a natural problem solver and instigated by creating and producing qualitative and meaningful work.

With an undergraduate degree in advertising and a masters in visual design, I have lived and worked in numerous cities worldwide such as London, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Los Angeles, and Milan. I now live in Barcelona and am head of design at
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"I worked with Flavia for a little over a year and I highly recommend her. She has impeccable work ethic (a very important characteristic because the job was remote) and the quality of her work is wonderful. She takes the time to really understand the clients point of view and what their goals are. She also proactively seeks feedback to ensure her work is hitting the mark. She's a gem to work with!" Deborah (Gibson) Mayen - Marketing and Communications Manager - Latin America - at Encyclopaedia Britannica
"Flavia grasped a very complex project with little ramp-up time and dealt with customer communications reliably and professionally." Ignatz Heinz - Co-Founder & Managing Director - at Avallain AG
'Flavia has a really wide base of international experience across design, web-design, motion-graphics and development roles - plus she's bilingual and a great team worker" Sara Wright - Lead Product Designer
"Flavia is an enthusiastic designer with a great eye for detail. Her design skills go from concept to production including a wide range of design programs but specially video production. She not only follows a brief but is always also keen to improve it, even creating guidelines if these don't exist! A great asset to any design team!" Maria Blasi - Founder / Operations Director - at The Two Marias
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